Chastitybelt and she has the key

Samstag, Juni 7th, 2014

BBW lady Cathy keeps you in chastity today! You aren’t able to jerk off anymore because she has the key to your chastitybelt! She laughs about your small penis and shows you the key! Dream about your mistress! Hot pov video from mistress Cathy and sexy photos, too!

Your chastity belt

Dienstag, März 11th, 2014

This sexy mistress has the key for your chastity belt in her hands! Look at her sexy nylon legs and her high heels and watch your key! You will use your chastity belt for a long time, so hear what she wants from you! Clipdownload

Your chastity belt

Mittwoch, Oktober 2nd, 2013

This sexy mistress will keep you in chastity! She has a great chastity belt for you and you have to do what ever your mistress wants you to do! Your cock is under her control! Clipdownload

German Chastity Mistress

Donnerstag, Oktober 25th, 2012

What do you think about a German Chastity-Mistress ? Princess Jenny is so hot and she wants to give you a chastity belt. She is the girl who rules and you can only jerk off when she allowed it. HerAss is so hot – im sure you cant resist her !!! Click here now !

Katja take your key away

Montag, Mai 9th, 2011

Katja will go on holidays and so it is time for you to wear your chastity belt. Of course you have to give the key to your mistress Katja. She takes the key and show it to you. You won´t see the key until 2 or 3 weeks again and your little penis cannot jerk […]

Princess Jenny keeps you in chastity

Montag, April 11th, 2011

Jenny has a key in her hands. But this is not the key from her door, no no, this is your key. Your key to your chastity belt you wearing at the moment. But now Jenny has the key and she decides if you can remove this belt or not. Jenny is very hot today. […]



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