She owns your dick

Montag, Juli 15th, 2019

Goddess Yasemin likes to control the dick of her slaves! You will now be watching her put a chastity belt on a slave and you know what?! You will be next! You will get a chastity belt too and then Goddess Yasemin will have you absolutely under control! Contact: Website or via FINmessage

Kept in Chastity!

Samstag, April 7th, 2018

You will be the locked slave from Mistress Emily Jones! That is what she want! You have to be in chastity and you have to be her personal pay piggy! CLICK HERE

Pay for the key!

Samstag, September 30th, 2017

Mistress Cindy has the key from your chastitybelt! You payed 100 Euro for sending the key and that shes your professional keyholder! But what about the next days? What about 2-3 weeks? There will come the point that you want to open the chastity belt! Then its time to pay to get the key back! […]

Daliah`s consequences

Freitag, April 7th, 2017

Your penis is too small and your mistress Daliah knows that of course! Today she will keep your small penis in chastity! That`s the consequences because you are such a loser! Go down on your knees and show her your little thing! Click at

Stuck in your cage

Freitag, Februar 24th, 2017

Mistress Mikaela locked your penis in a cage because you jerked of too often! Now your cock is in chastity and Mikaela decided that its the best for you and your dick! From now on your penis will be stucked in your cage! Click here – Mistress Mikaela

Great chastity video

Samstag, September 12th, 2015

This sexy mistress will keep you in chastity! You have not enough money and that is why she doesn’t allow you to jerk off! Look at her jeansass and your money! Really great femdom pov video with Jana H in jeans:

Sexy Goddess Saffron

Sonntag, Juli 12th, 2015

Goddess Saffron keeps you in chastity today! She take over your thoughts and consume you completely. She loves to turn you on and humiliate you like this! Look at your blond sexy mistress but don`t forget, don´t jerk off! Clipdownload

Locked in Chastity by Kitty Devine

Sonntag, Juni 21st, 2015

Kitty Devine forced you to be in chastity. That is the best she can do with your little cock.

Chastity video with Lizz la Reign

Montag, Mai 4th, 2015

Lizz la Reign only wants your money! She keeps you in chastity but she really turn you on! Clipdownload

Jessica keeps you in chastity

Dienstag, Januar 27th, 2015

Sexy Jessica has the key to your chastity belt! Look at your key and adore your mistress!  



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