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Take your chastity belt on

Montag, Mai 23rd, 2011

In this clip mistress Vanity shows you how to put on your chastity belt. You have to do it on your own and she looks at you if you do it right. And from now on she can decides if it´s allowed to take the chastity belt off or if it´s not allowed for you. […]

Lady Vanity part two

Montag, Mai 16th, 2011

This is the second clip of Lady Vanity. In the first clip you put your chastity belt on. Now she gives you the permission to open the chastity belt and take it off. But she gives you order what you have to do and you should obey her because otherwise she will punish you. But […]

Katja take your key away

Montag, Mai 9th, 2011

Katja will go on holidays and so it is time for you to wear your chastity belt. Of course you have to give the key to your mistress Katja. She takes the key and show it to you. You won´t see the key until 2 or 3 weeks again and your little penis cannot jerk […]

chastity belt – mouth locking bolt and neckband

Montag, Mai 2nd, 2011

This sexy mistress shows your all what she have for you today. First there is of course the chastity belt. You have to put it on and she got the key of course because she is your owner. When you are ready with that you have to put on the mouth locking bolt and at […]



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