Two mistresses keep you in chastity

Freitag, Mai 3rd, 2013

Today Mistress Mina Thorne and Sarah Blake are humilating you!! They have your chastity belt and the key to lock it up! Both girls make you horny because they want it, too! But will you be able to cum at the end? No your little cock will be locked up and you can’t hide! Click […]

For ever under her control

Freitag, April 19th, 2013

You will be under absolute control from your mistress Sarah Blake? Take a look at this chastity belt! This will be her control over you! You won’t be able to do anything without her permission! It will be a lifetime of chastity! Click here for the clipdownload  

Chastity on valentines day

Freitag, April 5th, 2013

Sarah Blake wants to hold you in chastity and thats on the valentines day! When you wake up in the morning you will be locked in one og her chastity belts! Theres no jerk off for you today and your mistress makes you horny and she has the key! Click here for the clipdownload  

Chastity holidays in Vegas

Mittwoch, November 14th, 2012

Sarah Blake knows how to make you horny! You want to come to Vegas to meet your mistress? Here you get your game plan because she want to play a slave game during your holidays in Vegas! Look at this chastity belt! Click here for the whole download clip

100 days in chastity

Mittwoch, November 7th, 2012

You will be 100 days in chastity and today it is just day one! You get instructions from your mistress Sarah Blake! Tonight is your first night in your chastity! It won#t be easy for you, but you will see your mistress again tomorrow with intructions on day two! Click here for the whole download […]

Locked up

Sonntag, Oktober 16th, 2011

So Sarah knows that you adore her and so she can do with you what ever she wants. Your cock is locked up and she has the keys. All of them. So this is your fault because now she decides that she will never give you this keys back. What for a sad life will […]

Your chastity belt

Freitag, September 16th, 2011

Sarah Blake is a very sexy woman and she knows this exactly. She wants to go out for a party. She loves to dance and meet new people. And what about you? You have to stay at home during she makes some party with other guys. You have to wait in your chastity belt until […]



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