Chastity teasing

Dienstag, August 20th, 2013

Sexy Amy teases you today because she wants to test your chastity! She will make you so horny and you are only allowed to watch! She will keep you in chastity today no matter what you wanna do! Click here for the clip download

Kept in chastity by sexy Amy

Mittwoch, November 21st, 2012

From now on you will be kept in chastity! Your mistress sexy Amy won’t allow you to cum anymore! Look at this chastity belt! You will buy it and you have to send the key to your mistress! She will make you horny so take a look at her hot jeans ass! There is no […]

You won’t jerk off

Freitag, Mai 25th, 2012

Today your mistress sexy Amy keeps you in chastity for one week! She turns you on and she masturbate and it’s only allowed to look at her! Don’t touch your hard dick! You won’t jerk off today! It’s a test from your sexy mistress so are you ready? Click here for the whole chastity clip



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