She owns your dick

Montag, Juli 15th, 2019

Goddess Yasemin likes to control the dick of her slaves! You will now be watching her put a chastity belt on a slave and you know what?! You will be next! You will get a chastity belt too and then Goddess Yasemin will have you absolutely under control! Contact: Website or via FINmessage

Extrem chastity punishment with spikes

Mittwoch, September 26th, 2018

Spoilt Princess G has comined her favorite chastiy cage with her new timer lock! Now you can see what happend if you are the chastity slave from Princess G! The more his penis gets hard, the more those spikes dig into his penis! Want to see more or contact Princess G?! CLICK HERE  

Pay for the key!

Samstag, September 30th, 2017

Mistress Cindy has the key from your chastitybelt! You payed 100 Euro for sending the key and that shes your professional keyholder! But what about the next days? What about 2-3 weeks? There will come the point that you want to open the chastity belt! Then its time to pay to get the key back! […]

The chastity key down the toilet

Freitag, Juni 23rd, 2017

Now the chastity is forever! Lady Karame puts the chastity down the toilet! The slave was locked up for month and now he will be locked up to the end of his live! Chastity for ever! Chastity Slave – CLICK HERE

Your penis is too small

Freitag, Juni 23rd, 2017

What do you think about your penis? Do you think your penis is big enough for a dominant girl like Amanda Rey? She dont likes guys with a small penis like you. For her you are just a beta male and the reason is. She forced you to wear a chastity belt – and SHE […]

Small Penis? Forced Chastity!

Samstag, Juni 17th, 2017

Your Penis is soooooo small! Mistress Felicitas is laughing about you and your small penis! Theres only one reason! She has to keep your penis in chastity! You know thats the best for you and your small penis! More at

Mail her your key

Samstag, Oktober 29th, 2016

You also know that is the best for you when you are in chastity. So what are you waiting for? Send her your key now! Send your key NOW – CLICK HERE

She pissed at the slave

Freitag, März 25th, 2016

Mistress Blackdiamoond and her friend Mistress Alektra laughing about this chastity slave. They also like to humiliate him. Lady Alektra sits on his face and then Mistress Blackdiamoond pissed at the slave! Check out this video

Chastity for Mistress M

Donnerstag, November 12th, 2015

You like the fantasy to be chastity for a Mistress ? Mistress M likes chastity slaves. Shes married and while she enjoying the time with her husband her slaves have to be keeping in chastity. Want to contact her ? DIRECT CONTACT



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