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Zoe has your chastity belt key

Montag, Januar 17th, 2011

Zoe shows you in her new video a key. That is not a normal key, it´s the key of your chastity belt. Zoe shows you where she can hide this key: under her ass, behind her legs or between her boobs. That´s really turns you on, but you have no chance to jerk off: Look […]

Lady Anja´s jerk off interdiction

Donnerstag, Januar 13th, 2011

You want to jerk off? But Lady Anja says there is no chance for you today. You have to be chastity and that for the next weeks. Yes you hear it right. You will not jerk off the next weeks and don´t do it without her permission. But Lady Anja has no mercy she turns […]

You jerk off without Farina´s permission

Donnerstag, Januar 13th, 2011

Lady Farina is very disapointed because you were not able to be chastity. But thats your own fault and so she punish you. She takes your credit card and goes shopping. You have to pay but she only takes your credit card. You have to wait and she locks you up in the basement. Later […]

Chastity Cock

Mittwoch, Januar 12th, 2011

This is a really hot chastity video. The „Barefoot Princess“ shows her slave what he never got to fuck. She keeps him in chastity and he must see her hot and sexy pussy. But he knows he cant fuck her. The Princess enjoys the feeling to keep slaves in chastity and then she thinks on […]

Chastity Video Blog

Mittwoch, Januar 12th, 2011

Welcome to my Chastity Video Blog. Here i blog about hot sexy chastity videos and also chastity devices. I present you the best chastity mistresses, websites and stores. Take a look for hot orgasmn denial videos here. Have fun and keep in chastity 🙂



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