Daliah`s consequences

Posted: April 7th, 2017, by diamond

Your penis is too small and your mistress Daliah knows that of course! Today she will keep your small penis in chastity! That`s the consequences because you are such a loser! Go down on your knees and show her your little thing!

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Losing your chastity key

Posted: März 11th, 2017, by chastityvideo

Do you like Russian Roulette?

Mistress Harley likes it – and you will also love the kick and fantasy that maybe your Chastity Mistress Harley will losing your Chastity Key!

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Stuck in your cage

Posted: Februar 24th, 2017, by chastityvideo

Mistress Mikaela locked your penis in a cage because you jerked of too often! Now your cock is in chastity and Mikaela decided that its the best for you and your dick! From now on your penis will be stucked in your cage!

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Pay a tribute for the chastity key

Posted: Dezember 2nd, 2016, by chastityvideo

Are you sure you want to give the chastity key to Mistress Amanda Rey? If she owns the key she owns you and she forced you to pay a big tribute to give the key back to you!

But this gives you a hot feeling and makes you so horny – right?

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Mail her your key

Posted: Oktober 29th, 2016, by chastityvideo

You also know that is the best for you when you are in chastity.

So what are you waiting for? Send her your key now!

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Your cock prison

Posted: Oktober 2nd, 2016, by chastityvideo

Bratty Jamie knows that you are looking up women for many websites and that you have pervert fantasys!

What do you think Bratty Jamie is doing now? Yes … she takes your dick in chastity – because its the best for you – or do you like that Bratty Jamie talks about your fantasy with your family and friends?

Of course you dont want – so you have to take the chastity belt!

Mistress Bratty Jamie!

You have to pay for the key

Posted: August 18th, 2016, by chastityvideo

You are in chastity and Amanda Rey has the key.

Do you want the key back again after 2 weeks in chastity?

Yes you want – and you have to pay for the key now!

But … do you think its enough money?


Amanda keeps you in chastity

Posted: Juli 14th, 2016, by chastityvideo

Because your penis is to small for Amanda she forced you in chastity.

For guys with a small penis like you its the best way. No more sex – no more jerk off – only when Amanda allowed you to jerk off again!

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She pissed at the slave

Posted: März 25th, 2016, by chastityvideo

Mistress Blackdiamoond and her friend Mistress Alektra laughing about this chastity slave.

They also like to humiliate him. Lady Alektra sits on his face and then Mistress Blackdiamoond pissed at the slave!

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62 days in chastity

Posted: November 30th, 2015, by chastityvideo

Since 62 days Lady Karames slave is locked in chastity.

Today she will give him a short moment without the chastity belt.

And then …

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